Day 7: Cort Johnson
The Godfather of online chronic illness resources
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Cort is the founder of , one of the most valuable online resources for chronic illnesses.  He talks about the intersection between long COVID and ME/CFS, provides resources for people with long COVID, and talks about the future for both diseases. 


Long COVID Research
Thus far Health Rising has already done almost 20 blogs on long COVID. Thanks to the Solve ME Initiative's support we've also just begun a regular series reviewing the latest long COVID research findings.

Long COVID #1: Big Studies, an FM Connection, & Low Energy Brains…

A COVID-19 Long Hauler Case Report Points To ME/CFS, Autoimmunity - and IVIG Treatment

RAS and Bradykinin: Where COVID-19 and ME/CFS Meet?


ME/CFS Research
Just as people with ME/CFS should pay attention to long COVID research so should people with long COVID pay attention to ME/CFS and FM research.

Topics like neuroinflammation, limbic system activation, low energy production, metabolism, blood flows to the brain and muscles, microcirculation problems, the autonomic nervous and immune systems all seem likely to play a role in long COVID and Health Rising has covered them extensively.


10 Tips for COVID-19 Long-Haulers Seeking Disability Benefits - Health Rising

An Offering: ME/CFS Resources and Support for the COVID-19 Long Haulers


Besides these Health Rising provides support on pacing, coping, how to maximize your doctor's appointments, how to get better sleep, how to exercise, ways to help with pain, orthostatic intolerance, diets, how to get disability, how to get financial assistance.


Our Tips For Newbies page used a community survey to find out what, if ME/CFS could have gone back in time, what they would have done differently


We have blogs on how to differentiate between depression and ME/CFS and how to prove to your doctor that, if you have ME/CFS, that it is a real and serious condition. Since many people with long COVID will meet the criteria for ME/CFS these will apply.


How to Prove to Your Doctor You've Got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and are Not Just Depressed


Ten Ways to Prove That Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) is a Serious Illness




 Health Rising will be heavily informing and promoting long COVID advocacy efforts.

From $1.15 Billion in Long COVID Funding to ? Emily Taylor on What Happened and What's Next



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