Day 7: Savitri


Heartfull® Meditation

Savitri, Co-Founder of Purna Yoga College®, co-director of Alive and Shine® Center, Creator of Heartfull® Meditation & Founder of The Heartfull® World Foundation.
Savitri, creator of Hearfull® Meditation and visionary, was born in India and grew up in Bombay until the age of 7, when she moved to America with her family. Her inspiration¬al mother was of Italian-American descent and her father was Indian.
Savitri is the founder of Heartfull® Meditation & Lifestyle, and co-founder of Alive & Shine® Center and the Purna Yoga® College. For 3 ½ years she co-hosted the Alive & Shine Radio Show with her husband Aadil Palkhivala.
She began as a 25 year old housewife praying for truth and understanding for the incomprehensible events of her life. When she was 11, a serious head injury put her in a coma for a while. As a teenager, she was orphaned with the sudden death of both her parents in a plane crash. A few years later, while she was majoring in computer engineering, she experienced the murder of her sister and shortly thereafter her best friend died of AIDS. Her cousin, who was like a second sister to her also committed suicide. This led Savitri into life-threatening illnesses and many near-death experiences.

Since 1985, her sincere desire for truth led her to create Heartfull® Meditation. Its emphasis is on uniting with unlimited love (our true essence) using unique active meditation techniques. These techniques helped her to come alive and shine, blessing her with her musical daughter, Zenia ( She says, “Heartfull® Meditation taught me how to live life, not run away from it.” Savitri’s sincere love and prayers for her students creates profound changes in their lives. These techniques are used by thousands of her students around the world.

You can find the Alive and Shine Center HERE.


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