Day 5: The McDonalds Family Recovery Story


Olivia, Chloe and Bev
All three use The Perrin Technique

Olivia McDonald developed severe ME/CFS at 13 years old and went from an active football (soccer) player and avid student to being bedbound and a shell of herself for years.  She recovered using The Perrin Technique (it still takes time!!).  Then her mother, Bev, developed Fibormyalgia and has been using the Perrin Technique to manage her ongoing condition.  And most recently, Chloe developed Long Covid and is now recovering guessed it...The Perrin Technique.  

A beautiful family all have had their lives taken away and again restored.  

There are currently only a few Perrin Technique Practitioners in the US, contact me for us to get more trained in the US and the UK!

In the meantime Dr. Perrin's publisher has generously offered a discount on the new version of his book (please note this is for UK can find it on Amazon for US): 

More information on Dr. Perrin and The Perrin Technique HERE.  




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